Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Onboard as a Crew

Working for a cruise ship is a lot different from working at land. I am now considering my ship as my new country; a moving island, a different view from your porthole (cabin window) everyday. We all know that a country has its cultures. Being with different races, I must say that "my country" is very rich in culture. You'll learn a lot everyday; customs, traditions and even different words and phrases. But... you really have got to be a verrrry good listener here. Its very hard to understand a lot of people, well, basically because of the different language accents.

Apparently, all countries have rules and laws too. "My country" has a lot and people here are very strict in enforcing the law. One big mistake and it will cost you your job. As a new crew, you have to undergo a lot of training on your first weeks onboard and take an exam after. If you wont be able to pass the exam, you will be given another two chances and if you still won't pass it, then you'll disembark the ship in the next port. P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E!

Being in a ship as a crew, well, after working here for a few weeks, without a doubt, is not easy. Everyday, I'm missing my family and friends back at home. Its like starting over here; yes you'll meet new friends but it takes a long time for me, and I'm sure its the same with most of you guys, to really trust someone. It's a good thing that there are a lot of Filipinos here, its part of our Pinoy culture to be nice to fellow Pinoys. and with our number here, sometimes I feel like I never left home.

Ericson and Edgar, my Pinoy Colleagues

Another thing is the work hour. People here, well including me of course, work 11 hours a day 7 days a week. But as a photographer, my work sched is lighter; my workplace, the photoshop, is usually closed when the ship is docked.

me in Yokohama

Everyday, I am expected to smile as I am working now in the hospitality industry with my ship, being considered by our guests a hotel... a "moving hotel." Earlier this morning, I looked in the mirror and noticed some small wrinkles in my cheeks... talk about over smiling.


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