Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Hopes

As the year draws near to its end and mobile network services get jammed up, I’m left thinking about 2008 and the important events that happened in my life; my group’s best thesis award, the depression of being jobless, my failed attempt to be in an another romantic relationship, the support I got from my BFFs, being able to realize who really are my friends and of course, the things I got this year including new luxury clothes, bags, accessories and techy gadgets despite of having an irregular income (haha).

A lot of experiences and mistakes taught me how to become stronger. If it weren’t for those people who wronged me I wouldn’t be able to see my path clearly. If it weren’t for those people who said I wouldn’t be able to achieve things, I wouldn’t be fighting for being to where I am now; being considered to be an art director for one of the leading local ad agencies here.

I’ve learned how to become a positive thinker despite of all the negativities that surrounded me this year. With a lot of help from my BFFs and close friends, I was able to survive all the depression that hit me this 2008.

John, who's been there with me through my ups and downs, who made me realize the importance of not being in a plateau. And also being my leading guinea pig in photography.

Anton, my all-time crying shoulder when I feel like putting down my mask and just be plain weak without receiving any judgments.

Emman, who kept on telling me that I should dream big.

These people showed me how much they believe in my talent and skills and taught me how to become focused with my career.

Ate Misty, who kept on telling me the words “kaya natin yan.”

Patricia, for keeping me sane with her very loud laugh and antics with her yaya.

Tita Au, Ate Gerry, Tita Ann, Daddy J and the Paras siblings for having me in their family. You guys made me feel I have a second family.

Kat and Cesca, for teaching me important facts of life.

BJ and Mike, for teaching me the value of respect and commitment in a romantic relationship.

And to all my new friends and acquaintances who made this year full of fun, drunk nights, shopping, coffee drinking, up-all-night-cramming-for-deadlines, spur-of-the-moment photoshoots, I-am-so-drunk-so-I-should-kiss-strangers nightouts, purely “show ‘em what we got” nightouts, stealing internet connection from neighbors and all the crazy things we do and would still do just for the heck of “kabaliwan.”

So guys, thank you.

I guess I am now ready to face another chapter in my life, another bundle of paper full of stories waiting to be written with my dearly beloved friends. I can’t help but be excited to what 2009 has in store for me.

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